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Favorite Ham-Girls by Cryssy-Crys Favorite Ham-Girls by Cryssy-Crys

So I wrote about why each girl here was one of my favorites. (I was originally gonna do male and female but had more liked girls than boys LOL)

Bijou- She was my first favorite girl when Hamtaro was released in the US. I love black eyed white animals but her having not only pigtails but ribbons as well? She instantly was loved by me, haha! Those were not the only reasons, I also have a huge love for French and its language. I often sided with Bijou when it came to having a massive crush on Hamtaro, only for him not notice/realize it. (Was thirteen at the time and was going through the same thing.)

Sandy- Who could not adore those 'tiger stripes'? She was liked for her attitude and even though she was shy or nervous at times, she pulled through to make sure she got it done. I again fell in love with the fact she too had a ribbon, but also had a unique tail! Unlike the other main ham-hams, Sandy had the tuft like tail, similar to Bijou's pigtails just on her butt. :icondirtymarkplz:

Pepper- She was the first girl with actual human-like hair, and I highly admired that. I'm a fan of bangs and braids too, lol. She was a little feisty from what I remember, but was sweet as well. I shipped her and Oxnard way more than Sandy and Maxwell. Oxnard's determination to announce his feelings really was inspiring and adorable.

Lapis- I never got to know her well enough since I had only seen her in The Ham-Ham Games for the Gameboy Advance when I was fourteen. Once I watched the episodes she was in, I couldn't get enough of her. I actually liked Lazuli's name but Lapis' design... I'm quite obsessed with capes and her hooded cape looked great on her. Once again, she had the full set of hair which I of course idolized.

Harmony- Plenty to say about this gal... First of all, like Lapis I only knew Harmony via Ham-ham Heartbreak for the first five years. Like Bijou, love pure white animals with black eyes! But she was what appeared to be an Angel, and the fact she didn't know much about ham-ham activity and language (hamchat) made me further believe she was not of their world and truly was an angel. She and Spat became my tied most favorite characters in the game until... Near the end of the game progress, she gave off hints of being into Boss... Which annoyed and infuriated me, LOL. After the first gameplay, I then mocked her every time.
When I finally watched her in the subbed episodes, I still treasured her the same. I was heavily upset when the US was cut off from getting anymore later episodes because I was dying to meet Spat and Harmony within the series once Ham-ham heartbreak released.
I obsessed over them...

Oshare- I hadn't seen nor heard of this lovely hamster until 2010 on a Hamtaro fan site. I saw an emoticon of her and loved her design from top to bottom. Another French girl was a plus for me! I loved those beautiful eyes, that pink nose, that laugh, the fur colors and everything else... I give the artists MAJOR props and respect because to me, her accessories complicate her abilities as a hamster. Having to run around, jump, eat and anything else while wearing that hat and bag?? I have to admit, she even gives me a hassle when I draw her but I love the challenge... She's amazing and is who inspired me to create my fan-made character, Cryssy/Crystal.

tackytuesday Featured By Owner Jul 2, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
what about pashmina ;_;
Cryssy-Crys Featured By Owner Jul 2, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I was actually debating between Pashmina and Sandy xD
Almost put Pashmina instead of Sandy but I liked Sandy first, then Pashmina.
Wasn't til much later that I liked Pashmina, sorry 'bout that! I only wanted to do my top six.
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